In this tutorial, I’ll discuss server creation of Battlefield 1942 which is also commonly known as BF 1942. I’ll also discuss the installation process, server creation & port forwarding and finally the server making process. Battlefield 1942 was realized on 20 September 2002 for windows pc version, it also realized as OS X version on 28 June 2004. I know, this game is 13 years old, everyone knows how to make its server. But on 31st May 2014 GameSpy shutdown and on 30th June 2014 EA Sports also stop their technical support. As a result, the server making process changes a little bit. A few days ago when I tried to make a dedicated Battlefield 1942 server I faced some issues. So I’ve decided to share the server making process with you.

1. Install Battlefield 1942:

The process of installation is the same for both versions (PC and origin). Just insert your CD to the optical drive and double click on the setup file then follow the instructions.

2. Download the dedicated server:

Go to your game directory (i.e. Battlefield 1942). If you are using PC version with default installation location go to “C:\Program Files\EA Sports” Inside this folder, you will find Battlefield 1942 folder else if you are using Origin version battlefield then go to “C:\Program Files\Origin Games” inside this folder you will find Battlefield 1942 folder. In your game directory, there will be two files, BF1942_w32ded.exe and DedicatedServer.exe if you did not have them you have to download. If you are using old version DedicatedServer.exe and BF1942_w32ded.exe I’ll also recommend to down the newer version of DedicatedServer.exe and BF1942_w32ded.exe. Before download the files please check your game’s software version. Run your game from the main menu go to custom game tab there you will find your game’s version. If you are using 1.61 version then click here to download dedicated server else if you are using 1.612 version then click here to download dedicated server. A zip file will be downloaded from that link. Unzip the files in you game directory.

3. Crack your battlefield 1942 for GameSpy:

As I already told that GameSpy shutdown their service, that’s why you have to crack you Battlefield 1942 server. Click here to download GameSpy crack. A zip file will be downloaded from that link. Unzip that file and run the .exe file. It will automatically track the Battlefield 1942 installation location. If due to any error it fails to fetch the proper location, there is an option to provide proper location manually. Then follow the GUI (Graphical User Interface) instructions to complete the crack process.

4. Run your server:

Now you are ready to run your game server. There are two different way to run your game server. One is by using DedicatedServer.exe file another is by using BFServerManager.exe (Battlefield 1942 Server Manager). If you want to use BFServerMange then you have to download it. Click here to download BFServerManager.exe. Now I’ll discuss both processes one by one.

i) Go to your game directory and double click on DedicatedServer.exe file. A window will open with five different tabs. General, Mods/Maps, Gameplay, Advanced and IP Settings. You can configure your server using these tabs. When you are ready to start your server click on Start Server button to start your server. After clicking on Start Server button a CMD (Command Prompt) style window will open. Click here to know more about DedicatedServer.exe.

ii) I already provided the link to download BFServerManager.exe file. If you click on that link a zip file will be downloaded. Unzip that zip file inside your game directory there will be a file named BFServerManager.exe double click on that file server manager window will open. In this window, there are twelve different tabs ten different buttons. If you are using this application first it might look complicated but this application is very useful to host a server. By using this application you can setup admin privilege, remote access, and player ban and kick facility so I’ll recommend this application to set up your server. Click here to know more about BFServerManager.exe.

5. Port forwarding:

If you want to play battlefield in you LAN server then you have to skip this part but you want to set up an internet server then you have to follow this part carefully else your server will not be accessible via the internet. I told two different processes to run a game server, so for each process, you have to forward different ports.

If you use DedicatedServer.exe then you have to forward one port in TCP and three ports in UDP. The TCP port number is 28900 and the UDP port numbers are 14567 (it’s the default game port of Battlefield 1942), 14690, 23000 (it’s the query port of Battlefield 1942). There is a relation between the game port and query port. If the game port number is x then the query port number will be x+8433. I’ll recommend keep you game port between 14567 and 14576 i.e. query port will be between 23000 and 23009. You can forward ports differently but you can also forward ports in range i.e. from 14567 to 28900. Though there are two different protocols I’ll recommend forward ports for both protocols.

Now if you use BFServerManger.exe then you have to forward six different ports. One TCP port 28900, and five UDP ports i.e. game port 14567, remote console port 4711, GameSpy INET port 23000, GameSpy LAN port 22000 and ASE port 14690. All these ports are default ports if you wish you can change the value of these ports. You can forward these ports separately but it will be better if you forward ports in range and for both protocols. Port range will be from 4711 to 28900.

6. Connect to your server:

This is the last part of this tutorial. Run your Battlefield 1942 game, click on Multiplay menu then Internet. Your server may not list in this list due to GameSpy shutdown. If you found your server in the list just double click on the link to connect the game server. You can also use Update and Refresh option to search your server. Or you can directly connect your server using the Add server option. Click on add server option a new window will open put your server IP address and port number there. Then click on the join button to connect.

Hope this post will help you. If you have any question feel free to ask. You can post your question(s) in the comment section I’ll answer them. You can also post your valuable comments. Thank you.

Published By:

Sukanta Halder

Published On:

15th July 2015, 14:19 (IST)


Thakurnagar, West Bengal, India

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