Hello readers, it is my pleasure to welcome you to my newly launched website. I am an avid gaming enthusiast. I used to blog since my college days back in 2009-2010 ; related to the games I played then. I never thought of launching any website then. The writing was just fun for me like any other activity back in the college days. But it gave me immense pleasure to notice likes, queries, and comments on my blogs from people across the globe. Though the continental boundaries had kept me divided from my viewers, the 21st-century information technology and shared a common interest in gaming did enable me to connect globally with people. I really felt amazed to realize the fact and it actually fueled me to do more research on the games and write more for someone unknown may be sitting across miles apart, sharing the same interest in what I might be writing. As days passed by, the number of responses grew reasonably.


In the final year of my college days, counter strike 1.6 used to be a very popular PC game. I found that many were willing to play on a virtual server, and I thought that a tutorial on making online servers might help more people to enjoy the game who are unaware or not getting to play to their heart's content for lack of information. I made a complete tutorial on the same topic and was overwhelmed to receive the responses. It gave me immense satisfaction that people were getting benefited and were approaching me for miscellaneous queries. I tried my level best to answer them as much as I could. At the end of the day, a "thank you" did miracle to my heart and soul and I felt touched.


In the final year of my college life, I started playing BattleField 1942. Great game and many of you will agree with me, I am sure. It was a multiplayer game, so I did try to find some online servers to play the game with my friends. But unfortunately, we did not find any online servers available to play. I had some requests for a tutorial also from some of my readers.


So, it was my second tutorial blog on BattleField 1942- creation of a dedicated server. The game was from EA sports and they had stopped the support. As a result, all available dedicated servers were shut down globally. The server I created not only kept me and my friends to stay connected and playing Battlefield 1942 even after finishing our college but also enabled many of my readers across the globe to play the game as we could play.


After college days were over, life was cruising with a regular job, corner desk at the office, 8 am to 6 pm duty and returning home tired in the evening to get some refreshment for the next day. All these routine lives kept me almost two years away from my beloved blog account and it was on the verge of absorbed my oblivion. One weekend, my college friends called me who was as much soaked in a routine life I was. With due course of the conversation, we decided to rejuvenate our college days by playing our most favorite Battlefield 1942. After all, was over, I did open my blog account like meeting an old long-lost friend. To my utter surprise, it was still alive! I could see freshly made comments from readers. Who would have thought that! Looking back in the past, this incident is the most significant one to motivate the most.


When I look back upon my journey from beginning to date, I find immense numbers of stories and memories are attached to each writing. I still remember those sleepless nights during my college days with friends working on these. Now we are far from each other, leading lives on own, forgot to count days we last met. Yet the writing pieces give me a piece of their cherished belongings. Added with readers from across the globe to share more and remain connected. I, therefore, dedicate this website to my college days and my readers who have molded me into doing this what I am doing. It is their credit to make me who I am today. I hope to work further for my readers and wish to extend their support as they have been extending throughout.


I got Google AdSense approval after several attempts. But I was not satisfied with Google Blogger. I was unable to customize its themes, which might be due to my lack of knowledge. Some features are running successfully in the web version but not working in the mobile version.


Once again, I started learning how to implement a simple website with some useful gadgets. As a result, I studied a lot and make this website. I’m also using my won hosting for better performance on this website.


 Soon, I have lots of plans regarding this website. I’ll reveal them all the time to time so please be with us as you ware in the past.


Finally I want to Introduce some people those who are helped me a lot in this project.


Mr. Sayandeep DebnathHe is one of my elder brother. My friend philosopher and guide. always motivated and encourage me. He helped me a lot in this project he also helped me to design this page.

Mr. Sourav SarkarMy collage Friend. He helped me a lot in beta testing of my website. Every time he gave me valuable feedbacks and suggestions. Which make my website even better.

Mr. Pradip SadhuMy office colleague and beloved brother. He also helped me a lot in beta testing of my website. From very beginning of this project he gave me lots of suggestions. Some of them I've taken and some of them rejected as they are not suitable for this project.



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