Photo credit @PUBG Mobile

Photo credit @PUBG Mobile

Photo credit @PUBG Mobile

Photo credit @PUBG Mobile

Published By:

Sukanta Halder

Published On:

2nd March 2020, 14:00 (IST)


Durgapur, West Bengal, India

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What's news in PUBG 0.17.0 Update Part 1:

Hello readers, as I committed, that I’ll start a new article on PUBG mobile, here it is.

PUBG mobile will realize a brand new season, season 12. The old season (season 11) will end on 8th March 2020, after that RP will be locked till 9th March 2020. At 7:30 am (Indian Standard Time) on 9th March 2020 the most awaited season 12 will start.

Now I have decided to publish 3 articles back to back. One is on very new update as well as them, 2nd Anniversary: 2Gether We Play, what new features we have got in this new update, second on ongoing Royal Pass, what we have got in new season royal pass and last but not the least, in third post I’ll discuss on which royal pass should you buy, what is RZ mission card and is it possible to reach to leave 100. Especially the third article will be very important in this series. Because season 12 is knowing at the door but still there are lots of doubts in the player's mind. He/she might be a new player or might be an old player but lots of people don’t know the correct information on Royal Pass.

Now let’s start today’s article. As I said in this article I’ll discuss new realized features in the new update 0.17.0. The new update has been available from 4th March 2020. The space requirement for Android and iOS is 1.69 GB and 1.95 GB respectively. As it’s a huge space required, you should clean your phone’s internal memory to arrange the required space and you should use a stable Wi-Fi connection to download the update. Otherwise, you might face some trouble downloading and install the update. If you wish you can also download the update using your phone’s data pack (it might be chargeable). One important note players on different versions will not be able to invite each other. So update as early as possible.

  • What you will get if you update soon?

If you update before March 6th you will get

1. 50 Silver

2. 2,888 BP

3. 3 Day Anniversary Pan Skin.


  • Now, what’s new in this update?
  • Teammate volume control:

From this update, you will be able to adjust your team member’s speaker volume. We found many times these effects in gameplay. But from now you will be able to adjust as per your teammates’ voice.


  • Universal Mark:

This feature will allow marking various objects for quick communication. You will be able to configure it in settings. By using this feature you will be able to mark your enemy position, position to defend, position to attack, aks required ammo for your gun, command your team member to get in the car.


  • Death Reply:

Using this feature you will be able to view how your enemy killed you.


  • Colorblind Mode:

It’s a very useful update for color-blind players like me. Now users will get more in-game color options for an indication of the red zone, enemy firing, smoke, grenade Auxillary lines, etc.


  • New Airdrop Weapon: DBS Shotgun:

It’s a double-barreled shotgun, it will only be available through Air Drops. It has an internal magazine that holds 14 rounds of 12 Gauge ammo, it can fire 2 shots each rack. After two-shot, you have to reload it. But it will take less time than previous shot-guns. It can be used with a holographic sight, red dot sight, and 2-6 scop.


  • Return of Hardcore mode:

It will be found in Arcade mode, in this mode, there are no sound prompts, no auto pickup, opening or closing door will work with this feature. This will give a more realistic shooting and survival experience. At present only Erangle map is available in this mode.


  • Brother in arms Function:

Through this feature, veterans with rich game experience will guide and play together with rookies in the game. Rookies can learn from the veterans and master the game quickly, while the veterans can receive great rewards. Players can enter the Brothers in Arms system and register as a Rookie or Veteran. Rookies send invitations to recommended Veterans, and Veterans who have enabled the Rookie Matching status will receive the invitation. The two will enter the battle after matching, which supports Classic mode rating calculations.


These are the all the major updates, I’ll post 2nd part of this article where I’ll mention all minor updates as well as upcoming updates.

Thanks, readers. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

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