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In this post, I’m going to show you step by step calculation on PUBG Mobile Royal Pass points. There are lots of friends on my friend list, they don’t even know that is it possible or not to reach 100 RP level by complete RP mission tasks after purchasing the royal pass. Every time I told them a simple calculation, today I’m going to publish the same calculation globally for better understanding.

Generally, there are two types of Royal Pass missions. One is Dedicated for upgraded royal pass members and another for all PUBG mobile players.

Every week we have 4 Dedicated RP member’s missions. One mission has 125 Royal Pass points, the remaining three dedicated missions have 75 Royal Pass points each. In General missions, one mission has 125 Royal pass points, others five have 50 Royal Pass points each.


So, until now, the calculation is:

125 x 2=250 Royal pass points

  75 x 3=225 Royal pass points

  50 x 5=250 Royal pass points

    Total=725 Royal pass points


Every day we get free 10 Royal pass points. And we get one Daily mission with 30 points. So, in a day, we can earn a total of 10+30=40 Royal pass points.

So, in 7 days, we can earn 40 x 7=280 Royal pass points.


If you can complete 10 Royal pass missions, you will get an additional 200 Royal pass points.


So, in one week, we can earn a Total of 725+280+200= 1205 Royal pass points.

Now every season has 8 weeks, so we can earn 1205 x 8=9640 Royal pass points from the entire season.


So, from this calculation, it’s visible you can reach easily to Royal pass level 96 by completing the events.

Now in every odd week, you will get one, and in even week you will get two special Royal pass missions among the ten missions. It will give you Extra Royal pass points.

If you complete this mission with one friend how also has Royal pass, you will get an extra 30 Royal pass points. You will get 45 and 60 extra Royal pass points if you can complete missions with two and three friends respectively.


So, after this, this calculation will be:

Odd weeks have 1 Royal Pass Friend Bonus

Even weeks have 2 Royal Pass Friend Bonus

if you have:

1 RP friend: (30*4) +(60*4) =360 Royal pass points

2 RP friends: (45*4) +(90*4) =540 Royal pass points

3 RP friends: (60*4) +(120*4) =720 Royal pass points


From this calculation, it is visible that it’s possible to reach 100 level if you have only one friend who has a royal pass and you must collect all bonus points. Then total points will be 9640+360=10000 Royal pass points. I.e. Royal Pass level 100.


This was the calculation for new Royal pass players if you are an old Royal pass player you should have a point card from the previous royal pass season. By that point card, you will get 500 Royal pass points. So for old Royal Pass players it will be very helpful.


Last but not the least you can get extra Royal pass points by crate opening:

Classic and Premium crate will give you 10 Royal Pass points

Event special crate 5 Royal Pass points

I'm playing from middle of Royal Pass season 4 and from Royal Pass 5 I'm completing level 100 every time.


So finally, we can conclude if you purchase/upgrade Royal pass you can rank up to level 100 if you play calculated way. It’s all for today. See you guys in the next post very soon till then stay tuned.

Published By:

Sukanta Halder

Published On:

26th March 2020, 23:00 (IST)


Durgapur, West Bengal, India

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PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Points Calculation:

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