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Hello and welcome to my website The Gaming Zone. I'm Sukanta, an admin & main content writer of this website. From my childhood I have played many games. Some of them ware single player games and rest of them was multi-player game. When I started gaming there was no gaming walk through or no gaming tutorials. But now a days it become popular, so I decided to setup a website where I can share my gaming experience with my website readers. As I already told I also played multi-player games, I can make gaming servers too, I'll also share server making process with my readers so by using this website I'm going to share my experiences with my readers. Hope you will enjoy this website.

About this website

I started a google blog with a post regarding a gaming review on 29th December 2014. After that I wrote a complete tutorial regarding how to make HLDS server for multiplayer on 22nd May 2015. After that I noticed my blog became popular. Some reader also post their valuable comments. On 18th August 2015 I got AdSense approval for that blog. After that I decided to write some gaming reviews as well as I'll write server making tutorials of some popular games in recent future. After that I made complete article on Battle field 1942 , after posting this article I noticed that I'm getting more readers in my blog. Finally I decided to set up my own website. I shifted my entire blog to this new website. That's all the story behind this website.

Future plans

In near future I've a plan to write steam achievement guide of popular steam games. Now a days only writing is not enough so I have opened a YouTube channel to post my game playing videos, some tricks and tips on the same. I've linked my YouTube channel with my website as well. I've also linked my Steam account with this . I'm requesting my readers to visit my YouTube channel as well as my steam account to keep track with my activities. I 've a plan to make tutorial and gaming wikipedia on PUBG and COC. In near future I'll provide a option to share articles of this website in almost all social media.


Like other organizations or websites my website also have some values.

i. Excellence: I always try to give my level best in my posts. I always take time to publish my post unless or until I'm happy with my post.

ii. Openness: I'm always ready to accept valuable suggestion from my readers. As I already told I took time to publish a post, but there might be a scope of improvement. Please identify them and feel free to share with me.

iii. Innovative: I love innovative ideas. Do you have some ideas for my blog? Then don't feel shy to share you thoughts. I always try to add innovative ideas in my posts.

iv. Care: I care my readers comment. That's why I always reply them and take there suggestion. Hope in future my readers will help me as they did in past. So please post you valuable comments and suggestions. It's really helpful for me.


About Me

          Do you want to know more about me. Then go to About section in menu bar, there you can get detail information about me. Hope you enjoyed my website. Thanks for spend time in my website. Please do visit again.

Start your journey

Now start you journey with my website and I do believe you will visit my website again to read my new posts. I promise you will find something new in my posts. So please do visit my website again and leave a comment regarding my website.

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In Royal Pass Season 13 points of weekly missions has been changed. So I've updated my old article PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Points Calculation as per new point calculation.


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